Christian Millard's 1995 Camaro Convertible Z28's Modifications...
Latest Dyno here 
Wideband WOT Air:Fuel here
Stock LT1 Iron block
Stock crank ( turned and polished 0.020" on the mains, 0.030" on the rod ends)
SpeedPro hypereutectic pistons $300
SpeedPro Sealed Power rings $65
Clevite 77 main and cam bearings $60
Melling HV oil pickup and pump ( standard oil pressure spring) $50
ARP main studs $40
1LE engine mounts $40
Cloyes Dual Roller timing set $80
Meziere Electric water pump $150
Hypertech 160 degree thermostat $20
Fel-Pro FEL-1074 0.039" head gasket $40
Arizona Speed and Marine Cold Induction Intake (3" with one turn, K&N 9" cone filter) $300
BBK 52 MM Throttle Body $300
1LE Intake Elbow $50
Stock LT1 intake manifold
Advanced Induction LT1 cylinder heads $1,500
2.00"/1.60" Manley Raceflow intake/exhaust valves
265 CFM intake flow @ peak cam lift, 197 cfm exhaust @ peak cam lift
independent flow sheets here:
Lingenfelter 219/219 .560/.560 112 cam $250
ARP 5/8" rocker studs $50
Comp Cam 1.6 non self aligning rockers $250
ARP rocker nuts $50
Hooker Super Competition Long Tube Headers  $550
Mufflex 3" Y-pipe $200
Random Technology Catalytic Converter $150
Hooker Super Competition Catback exhaust (read: loud) $250
Hooker 3" resonator tips ( to maintain cross sectional area, reduce noise) $40
Borg Warner T56 transmission
Hurst short throw shifter $150
ARP Flywheel bolts $30
GM 3.73 Motive gears  $250
1LE transmission mount $50
Stock rear springs, front Eibach Pro springs $250
Front wheels: OZ 17" x 9.5" Monte Carlo Aluminum rims $500
Front tires: Nitto 555R Extreme Performance  275/40ZR17 
Rear wheels: OZ 18" x 10.5" Monte Carlo Aluminum rims $500
Rear Tires: Nitto 555R Extreme Performance 305/35ZR18
LG HD Anti sway bars front and rear $250
BMR convertible subframe connectors $200
BMR Lower control arms and welded brackets $75
Estimated Total (does not include maintenance items, such as tires, etc)  $7,040.00
...and more I've probably forgotten