July 2004, Leather Seat Upgrade for the Z28.


After many years of wanting leather seats in my Z28 I was finally able to upgrade to leather seats. My buddy Brett found a great deal on a set and packed them excellently. The driver’s seat needed to be straightened a bit, but nothing a torch and a 3’ pipe couldn’t fix (see below.)


Driver’s seta back before, notice the glue GM uses to hold the foam on is actually corrosive. Just surface rust, nothing a quick wire brush bit on a drill couldn’t handle.


Frame removed from base:


Adjustable wrench did the trick on the seatback adjuster.


Nothing a torch and a 3’ pipe couldn’t handle:


After: nice and straight, top view.


Double check: bottom view.


Front view of the frame, minor cosmetic adjustments from the monkey with a pipe (me.)


The foam behind the seat:


The leather inside out:


Top view after adjustments, much better.


Foam installed. Not pretty here, but beautiful with the leather installed.


Leather installed. Right about now Becky mentioned from across the room “The bottom’s bent too, you might want to look at that.” Gotta Love her.


Yeah, just a little bent. No worries. Maybe the previous owner had one leg a lot bigger than the other?


Shouldn’t need the pipe for this, hammer and torch will do fine.


That’s better, straight now. Side view.


Had to cover up that nasty corrosion, a la flat black spray paint.


Finished product, all back together, cleaned up nicely.


Back seats installed (I’m very happy)


Driver’s seat installed (found about $1.50 in change while cleaning under there.) Very very comfortable seats. I’ve really psyched to drive it now, almost to an unhealthy level.


Passenger seat view. Becky should be nice and comfy in this seat.


Once again Thanks to Brett for hooking me up!